SmartSearch Marketing announced today it has named Stela Yordanova SEO and analytics specialist.

SmartSearch Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing solutions for medium to large B2B companies, today announced it has named Stela Yordanova SEO and web analytics specialist. In this role, Yordanova will work with clients to improve organic search marketing programs and develop website performance dashboards.

“We are so pleased to have such an exceptional SEO and analytics expert on our team,” said Patricia Hursh, vice president of client delivery at SmartSearch Marketing. “Stela has extensive experience with various aspects of digital marketing, organic search, and website performance metrics, and she is Google Analytics Certified.”

Prior to joining SmartSearch Marketing, Yordanova was an SEO and analytics specialist with Greenlight Digital, a top London-based digital marketing firm. She has also held positions managing social media with the British Red Cross, and created blog and content marketing for one of the largest consumer review websites in the UK.

Yordanova received a master’s degree in new media from London South Bank University. She also received a master’s degree in media studies and a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, English and Arabic from Vélikoturnovski Universitet.

Since 1999, SmartSearch Marketing has helped B2B technology companies with complex sales cycles to improve their lead generation results. The company creates a custom program for each client, designed to fit each step of the sales cycle. SmartSearch Marketing ensures that messaging and marketing assets match buyer needs at every stage.

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SmartSearch Marketing has been in business since 1999, specializing in search marketing solutions for medium to large sized B2B companies. Agency value comes from extraordinary service, strategic leadership, and deep technical expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, and conversion improvement. SmartSearch Marketing consists of a team of highly skilled digital marketing experts. SmartSearch enables clients to attract, engage and convert prospects across the entire buying lifecycle.

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