Summer 2014
  B2B Case Study: Landing Page Testing
A global provider of software solutions utilizes their website to gain qualified sales leads. To help increase lead volume and lead quality, SmartSearch Marketing employs an all-encompassing search marketing program...             
  B2B Pay-Per-Click
The use of PPC Management Tools has been a "hot topic" at SmartSearch recently. We've been re-evaluating our campaign tools and re-examining our requirements. We decided to break down our needs by specific PPC function and investigate what other agencies are doing.  

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  Local Search
There are many factors that directly influence local search. Your visibility and the major local directory engines, backlink profile and a well optimized local website/ webpage are a few. This image created by Phil Rozek of Local Visibility Systems helps explain the local search directory game. 
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An Interview with Patricia Hursh
Patricia Hursh
An Interview with SSM Chief Client Officer Patricia Hursh 

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