Spring 2015
 Does A/B Testing Hurt My SEO Rankings?
Don't let SEO implications scare you away from testing! Testing is invaluable and an integral part of any successful online marketing program. With the proper knowledge you don't have anything to worry about.

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 International Site Architecture

Your business is growing and you're ready to break into international markets. Congratulations! However, your site is only structured to target domestic prospects. Learn how to prep your site before commencing down the path of multilingual SEO and other global marketing efforts.

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  Local Content Increases Traffic by 92%
Creating individual store pages with helpful location/ordering information is essential to improving the customers' online experience and required to significantly increase local search visibility, traffic and results. 

Welcome Josh Hill
Josh Hill has joined our team as Senior SEO Specialist. Josh has led the digital SEO 
strategies for major B2B and B2C companies nationally. 
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Content Gap Analysis
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