B2B marketers understand the importance of content, but many are missing the boat when it comes to video. Do you have a video optimization and marketing strategy in place? Are you capitalizing on YouTube’s huge business audience? Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of video SEO for B2B organizations.

The B2B Video Marketing Opportunity

Video SEO Benefits

Video is not just for consumers. B2B marketers take note: According to a recent article published in Inc magazine:

  • 92% of business buyers watch online video, and
  • 43% of business buyers utilize video when researching products/services for their business.

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web– with over a billion unique visitors each month! B2B marketers should be taking advantage of this opportunity, and using video to:

  • Personify your brand
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Educate your audience
  • Generate quality leads
  • Engage ABM/named accounts
  • Extend the reach of live & recorded events
  • Bring customer testimonials to life

Full-Funnel Video Marketing

B2B marketers can use video to proactively move prospects through their research and buying journey (and accelerate your sales pipeline). As buyers’ needs change, so too should your content. Here are examples of types of videos that work well for each phase of the funnel:

  • Top-of-funnel Videos: Industry information, company overview, executive interviews
  • Mid-funnel Videos: Recorded webinars, product demos, client testimonials
  • Bottom-of-funnel Videos: Instructional videos about implementation and integration

Improve Your Video SEO

Video content must be proactively managed, optimized, and promoted to drive marketing results. Here are the main steps included in a video SEO Improvement Plan:

Conduct Video Audit & Establish Baseline

  • Audit existing videos on your website, YouTube and video hosting platforms
  • Establish baseline metrics (view count, play rate, clicks and conversions)

Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Review & categorize videos
  • Create search strategy and keyword map
  • Prioritize videos, based on:
    • Popularity
    • Business importance
    • Potential marketing impact
    • Timeliness (e.g. event schedule)

Optimize Videos

  • Optimize titles and descriptions
  • Add annotations
  • Add links to critical webpages with calls-to-action
  • Enhance thumbnails
  • Implement JSON-LD (encoding Linked Data using JSON)

Measure & Improve

  • Measure video KPIs. Track improvements over baseline metrics.
  • Implement course corrections and required additional optimizations

Benefits of Video SEO

Why spend money on video production if you’re not going to actively promote these assets and ensure that they can be easily found? Video SEO is the best way to monetize your investment and ensure a positive ROI.

B2B marketers: Don’t miss the boat! Get proactive about video optimization. Implement a Video SEO Improvement Program today. Contact SmartSearch Marketing to learn more.

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Patricia Hursh is the president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing. Today she leads the Client Services division of the agency. She specializes developing digital strategies and full-funnel marketing solutions for B2B companies. Patricia leads multi-functional teams to ensure bottom-line business results for SmartSearch Marketing’s clients.

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