Many of us jumped on Google Plus when it launched, others gradually joined as we were directed to by Google, but not very many users saw the true value of Google+. “My friends are all on Facebook,” we said. “Nothing is going on here,” we moaned. But we’re here to tell you YES, there is a reason you should be on Google Plus. But not for ‘social’ reasons, more so for SEO benefit, link building and content distribution. Google+ can help you to increase authority online, especially as it treats your profile as a web page in rankings.

Despite what Google wants us to think, Google+ lacks the social element because well, our friends and family just aren’t on there. If you’re a business owner though, you NEED to be on Google+ and here’s why.

1. Boost Search Rankings. While we aren’t clear on the exact algorithm for how Google Plus ties into search, but we do know it is important. Google’s ‘Search Your World’ concept strives for tailored search results according to activity on Google+. When we are logged into a Google account and do a search for say, ‘B2B SEO’ you may see Google+ accounts related to those terms, articles or blogs shared on G+ in the organic search results and even posts or communities that tie in to your search topic. So, how can you capitalize on this?

  • Add keywords and phrases in your company posts
  • Also use hashtags (#) for major topics such as #SEO or #Dentistry depending on your topic
  • Make sure your profile description is keyword rich
  • Tag others in your posts using the plus symbol (+) to direct people to their page and also share content directly with them.

2. Quality Connections. It’s speculated that the number of followers isn’t as powerful as connecting with industry leaders. Sure, building a large network is still relevant but focus on connecting with those who already have a large following or are big names in what you do. If you’re a PR company, follow and share with PRwire, major PR firms and publications. If they share your content, Google gives you more authority because you’re viewed as more relevant. Also, share links from those trusted resources, ie articles, press releases, blogs, videos, etc. Google is trying to provide the most relevant search results for their users, right? So by becoming a resource of relevant and frequently shared information, you can also help improve your rank.

3. Distribute Your Content. It’s great to post your latest blog to your Google+ business page and share it with your circles, but what’s really effective is taking it a step beyond your profile. Communities are similar to LinkedIn’s ‘groups’ and allow you to engage, connect and share content with like-minded individuals. For instance, if you wrote a blog on the best places to go camping in Colorado, share that within communities about camping, Colorado, the outdoors, outdoor gear, 14ers, travel, etc. This is a powerful way to distribute your content across Google+ and drive interested users back to your website. Also, like mentioned above, if you shared an article from the NYTimes about Bing, tag NYTimes and Bing in your post so they see you shared the article with them. This helps to enhance your link building strategy across Google+.

Google+ is still relevant whether we believe it is or not. If anything, maintain an active presence, continue to connect with others and distribute content across the platform using keywords and phrases.

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Patricia Hursh

Patricia Hursh is the president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing. Today she leads the Client Services division of the agency. She specializes developing digital strategies and full-funnel marketing solutions for B2B companies. Patricia leads multi-functional teams to ensure bottom-line business results for SmartSearch Marketing’s clients.

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