Automate Your Full-Funnel Marketing Program

Accelerate the lead-to-revenue process. Automate prospect engagement to proactively move buyers through the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Platforms like Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, Eloqua and HubSpot allow B2B marketers to automate engagement actions based on what is most relevant and important to buyers at each phase of their customer journey. Key elements of “closed loop marketing” include:

  • Tracking prospects’ actions to understand buy cycle & intent
  • Automating outreach/engagement efforts
  • Segmenting prospect lists
  • Utilizing behavioral profiling and predictive leading scoring
  • Analyzing behavior based on groups/accounts/companies

We have a proven track record of success working with the following marketing automation systems:

Marketo Marketing Automation Salesforce and Parodot Hubspot Marketing Automation




Act On - Marketing Automation Software eloqua Marketing Automation



Marketing Automation Services

SmartSearch Marketing works with B2B enterprises that utilize many different combinations of martech platforms. Our goal is to ensure accuracy, consistency, efficiency and effectiveness across an integrated and comprehensive B2B digital marketing program regardless of the technology deployed.