B2B Full-Funnel Marketing

From brand awareness to customer acquisition. Engage with prospects at each phase of the customer journey and proactively move buyers through the sales funnel.

The B2B Sales Funnel

  • Marketing programs aligned with the top of the funnel drive brand awareness, interest and low-consideration engagement.
  • Middle of the funnel programs focus on higher-consideration engagement and more in-depth education, comparison and qualification.
  • Marketing efforts that support decision making and acquisition are at the bottom of the funnel.

Full-Funnel Marketing

With “full-funnel marketing”, marketing strategy is driven by the customer journey, aligned with each phase of the buy cycle, fully integrated with martech platforms, and managed in a collaborative fashion with sales.

For example, paid media, email and remarketing programs are managed based on each prospect’s buy cycle phase. Ad messaging and content address typical needs and provide helpful ways to move prospects forward in the buy process.

Full-Funnel Marketing Components

Nearly every aspect of B2B digital marketing can be implemented to support a full-funnel approach. Specific lead nurture tactics often used to move prospects from one buy phase to the next include:

  • Retargeting
  • Lead nurture emails
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • And more…

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