Connect and Engage with Customers

Leverage social media channels to reach prospective customers and nurture leads. Differentiate your business, move prospects through the buy cycle, and build a more dynamic online presence.

Social media marketing is powerful for seeking out customers and engaging one-on-one with prospects in every demographic. Combined with other online/search strategies it can have an even bigger impact on your entire digital marketing effort.

At SmartSearch, we integrate both emerging and proven social media tactics with online advertising, SEO, and website improvements to provide a cohesive online experience and maximize your marketing ROI.

Why Choose SmartSearch for Social Media Marketing?

Serving Fortune 5000 companies since 1999, we have provided B2B social media marketing services since the medium’s inception.

  • Our account directors have a proven track record of success managing successful social marketing programs. They understand the importance of integration with other online marketing efforts and they stay in the know on the latest trends, changes and strategies for each social media platform.
  • We have a talented group of writers and designers who work closely with our SEO and conversion experts to produce social content that meets your objectives and aligns with your brand standards.
  • Our online advertising experts specialize in pay-per-click campaigns on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Rapid, iterative testing of ads and landing pages ensures a superior return on your advertising investment.
  • We provide monthly and quarterly reporting to take an analytical look at what has been working with your social media strategy, adjustments that need to be made, and new opportunities that may arise to get the most out of your social media presence.

SmartSearch ensures that your customized social media marketing plan is aligned with your customers and their needs to ensure effectiveness.

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