Maximize Your Paid Media Advertising Results

Digital advertising is a fast and efficient way to target qualified prospects and generate cost effective leads.

Digital ad campaigns are an essential part of any comprehensive online marketing strategy, and very powerful when combined with landing page testing and conversion improvement efforts. Capitalize on SmartSearch Marketing’s proven methodology:

  • ATTRACT your target audience
  • ENGAGE prospects
  • CONVERT visitors into leads and customers

Our comprehensive paid search advertising programs typically combine Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, display/banner ads, remarketing, video, mobile, and more.

Since 1999, SmartSearch has helped B2B companies with complex sales cycles improve their online advertising results. We work with you to understand your buyer personas and drive engagement/conversion across the entire buy cycle.

Proven Paid Search Advertising Expertise

Paid search advertising is part art / part science. It’s about the psychology of sales, the creativity of marketing, and the data analysis associated with effective campaign management.

Because of this complexity, 100% of our paid search specialists are AdWords (Advanced) Qualified Professionals and Bing Accredited Professionals. We also have accreditation in display and video advertising.

B2B Paid Search Advertising

We specialize in B2B paid search programs designed to balance lead volume, lead cost, and lead quality.

Our unique methodology enables you to reach your business buyers across the entire buying cycle.

Turn Clicks Into Customers

Think beyond the click!

All of our online advertising programs are combined with landing page testing programs and conversion improvement services. At SmartSearch we don’t just drive traffic… we drive results.

To learn more about our capabilities and the results we’ve achieved for our B2B clients, contact us today.