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Looking for growth? Look in your hand. In the past year 37% of B2B web searchers on the go used smartphones to research business products and services, up from 26%. Some 31% used tablets, up from 15%! Mobile-friendly sites turn user into customers. When users visit a mobile-optimized site 74% are more likely to return to the site. 67% are more likely to buy products and services. SmartSearch Marketing can help you tap into this lucrative growth — and not miss a single new customer. We attract and convert new customers by creating highly-effective mobile ad campaigns focused on the mobile user’s experience.

SmartSearch Marketing – Your Best Choice for Mobile PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Our mobile PPC (Pay-Per-Click) team creates highly-successful mobile campaigns that will attract, engage and convert traffic into customers. We deliver results quickly, and continuously improve your return on your advertising dollar. Here’s how:

Baseline and Strategy

– We conduct a baseline Mobile PPC Audit on your current mobile traffic. We then deeply research your mobile market opportunity, based on your industry and target audience. We custom craft a multi-pronged, actionable strategy to best reach your mobile customers, from SEO to PPC.

Landing Page Development

– Our dedicated in-house team of landing page specialists create awesome mobile landing pages. From fast load time to best-practices for mobile navigation and content placement, our landing pages work — and work well. We also offer integration with click-to-call and call tracking systems for a comprehensive solution.

In-House Testing

– You’ll benefit from our rapid, iterative testing for mobile landing pages. We start with big, bold differences; then move to ever-more subtle variations such as images, forms, and calls-to-action. We continuously create new, better-performing landing pages, improving your return, continuously and quickly — often same day.

Focus on Improvement

– Some companies launch mobile pay per click campaigns, set and forget. But that’s where our work — and value — begins. After launching your prioritized Mobile PPC advertising campaign, we carefully monitor and analyze results. With our highly-efficient process, our landing page department spends up to 90% of its time analyzing and improving your results, rather than rote development work.

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