Nurture and Connect Around the Clock with Full Funnel Marketing™

Don’t let a lead fall through the cracks. Automate responses and actions based on what is most relevant to the prospect and keep them moving through your funnel.

Today’s prospects and customers need responsive engagement that is relevant to their persona and timely with what stage of the funnel they are in. And, studies show most prospects need over 30 touches before they make a buying decision. Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing focuses on your prospect to keep them engaged and moving through the funnel to become customers.

Sales has always been a numbers and timing game; your team can’t keep up with the level of touches needed without a lead nurturing and a marketing automation tool. Keep your sales team happy and productive with shorter sales cycles and increased ROI, with automated lead nurturing- an around the clock sales team.

Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing

Full Funnel Marketing™ means we specialize in both inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies so our clients see bottom line results—new customers.

After lead generation, losing a prospect because of lack of follow-through, is simply a waste of money. Don’t miss another opportunity! Our repeatable, measurable, and proven methodology attracts leads, and keeps them within the sales funnel through marketing automation and lead nurturing, to turn prospects into customers, and customers into repeat business.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Our lead nurturing and marketing automation strategies include:

  • Designing comprehensive lead management strategies
  • Define custom workflows with the ideal frequency, offers, segmentation, triggers, and lead scoring for your business
  • Converting stale, ineffective programs to automated, triggered campaigns
  • Write and design effective emails and campaigns
  • Create landing pages for Full Funnel Marketing™ with automation functionality
  • Create and launch email campaigns for specific events such as those for cold leads, new lists and accounts, sale renewals, trial ends, event/trade show leads, and more
  • List management to drop dead leads and keep a clean list
  • Set-up, configure, test, and troubleshoot marketing automation systems
  • Manage programs on an interim basis or as needed

Lead nurturing builds engagement and repeat purchases by leveraging a list of interested buyers. A lead should never be a one-and-done, use automation to keep them in the sales process. Our proven methodology combines our expertise and creativity with proven marketing techniques backed by testing and adjusting for true return on investment.

Our Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing Services:

  • Implement Opt-in Forms
  • Build Targeted Lists
  • Customize Email Blasts
  • Lead Scoring
  • Measure Results
  • List Segmentation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Auto-Responders
  • Develop Landing Pages
  • Trigger Campaigns
  • Set Up/ Configure Marketing Automation Systems
  • Test and/or Troubleshoot Automation
  • Design Customized Automation Workflows