Let your customers tell you what works! Multi-variant and A/B testing of landing pages determines what engages and converts prospects into leads and customers.

Landing Page Testing with Better Results

Flexible, Scalable Templates

SmartSearch Marketing makes it easy to test your landing page content and offers. We build your landing pages using flexible, scalable templates. This means our team saves time on page development, and focuses up to 90% of their time on what really matters — testing and improving landing page conversion rates. Our testing optimizes your landing page templates — from look and layout to text and images — to turn your marketing dollars into more conversions, leads and sales.

Fast Testing and Improvement

We build your landing pages for rapid testing and improvement. Our proprietary templating process allows us to respond quickly to test results to create better-performing landing pages for you — in as little as a day — with minimal time and resources. That means you’ll be able to convert more visitors into customers quicker.

Incremental Test Splits

We’re unique because offer incremental test splits. After analyzing initial test results, we immediately send most traffic to winning pages, while continuing to test. We optimize the percentage sent to each version, and focus on the best-performing landing pages, and thus maximize your results.

Develop, Test, Improve, Repeat

Landing page testing is a continuous process. It never stops – before we finish testing one landing page, your next is developed and ready to go – no down time!

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Including landing page testing and website virtual usability tests.

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