How is your lead gen program impacting bottom-line business results? Follow search engine-generated leads through your sales funnel. Our landing pages integrate with clients’ marketing automation and CRM systems.

Automatically track leads through your entire sales process

If you use a marketing automation or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, SmartSearch Marketing can seamlessly integrate with that system to automatically import leads and relevant tracking information.

Customer Relationship Management CRM Infographic

Landing Pages Import Contact Data into Your CRM System

This enables paid search results tracking, at the keyword-level, through your entire sales funnel: from search engine conversion… to qualified lead… to sales opportunity…  to sale.

This integration allows SmartSearch to better manage your investment – spending money not just on impressions, clicks, or PPC conversions… but on high-quality leads, customers and sales.

Common integrations include:

CRM Software Integrations

 Custom Integrations

In addition to custom integrations which allow pages to send visitor data (form submissions) to virtually any marketing automation platform, we can also set up an export that can send data to an external web service or as a .csv to your email if preferred.