What Are Your Customers Looking For?

Valuable, relevant, easy-to-understand information is what your customers seek. Traditional marketing is becoming less effective every day…

Customers are in control. They are looking for useful information that makes them more intelligent and enables them to be a “better buyer”. The way people search, and what they are looking for, provide meaningful insights into their needs and wants. Where are your content gaps?

Content at the Core

Great marketing is impossible without great content. Quality content is the cornerstone of any effective marketing effort. Content plays a fundamental role in your integrated marketing program including:

Website content should attract your target customers, help you build a loyal audience, engage prospects, and grow your subscriber base.

Content Gap Analysis

What are your customers looking for?

  • We review your buyer personas.
  • We analyze how people search. Market trends, search query analysis, and your website search data all provide clues.
  • We look at your website analytics to understand content access and popularity.

What content are you providing?

We analyze web pages, downloadable assets, blog posts, etc. We assess your online information in terms of

  • Volume (how much content do you have?)
  • Quality (is it any good?)
  • Relevance (how well does it align with what people are looking for?)

Where are the gaps?

Together, we identify holes in your content strategy. We answer this important question: “What are prospects looking for that we’re not providing?”

Improve your online content strategy

The result is a prioritized Content Development Plan designed to meet the specific needs of your buyers.

Optimize your content

We understand that websites serve people, first — not search engines.

Once a content marketing strategy is in place, we optimize your content for maximum search engine visibility and results.

Is your website content aligned with your customers’ needs? Request a Website Content Gap Analysis.