Beat Your SEO Competition

Organic search is all about beating the competition. When customers search, if you’re not visible on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)… somebody else is! The question is: Do you know why? How did your competitors achieve top organic positioning, and what do you need to do to beat them?

Reverse-Engineer a Winning Solution

By analyzing the websites of companies with top organic search positions in your marketplace, we’re able to “reverse engineer” a winning solution. Our methodology is built around 3 core principles:

  • DETERMINE SEO methods that work best in your marketplace
  • IDENTIFY gaps in your current SEO strategy
  • IMPLEMENT a SEO Improvement Program to fill those gaps

Conduct a Competitive SEO Assessment

SmartSearch has a 7-step process to understand searcher behavior; assess search results; and determine what’s required to achieve a top rank.

  1. Identify Competitors & Analyze Searcher Behavior
  2. Compare Visibility & Authority
  3. Compare Keyword Ranking
  4. Compare SERP Position
  5. Determine Competitive Overlap
  6. Compare Backlinks
  7. Identify Required Improvements

Interested? View a SEO Competitive Assessment.

Competitive SEO Assessment

SEO Competitive Assessment