Display advertising is an effective way to drive awareness and interest. It also plays a key role in supporting online lead gen efforts.

Utilize targeted display advertising campaigns to associate your brand with relevant content on the web. Find and engage prospects based on keywords, topics, interests and behaviors, location, language and more…


SmartSearch Marketing has a proven track record of success managing B2B display advertising campaigns on the following networks:

  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Microsoft/Bing Ad Network
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • and more…

Display advertising formats include: text, image, interactive and video ads.


SmartSearch Marketing will work with you to determine the best audience targeting and ad serving strategy. Targeting options for display ads include:

  • Contextual Targeting
    • Show your ads on webpages with content related to your target keywords
  • Placement Targeting
    • Show your ads on specific websites, videos, RSS feeds, and mobile sites.
  • Interest Categories
    • Serve your ads based on user interests and online behaviors
  • Topic Targeting
    • Serve ads on pages about specific, relevant subjects
  • Geographic and Language Targeting
    • Show ads where your customers are located and in their native language
  • Demographic Targeting
    • Serve your ads to users based on their age and gender