10 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your SEO

If you Google ‘chicken recipes’ these days you may get a Pinterest board for meal ideas for chicken, a blog about the best ways to cook chicken, a tweet or Yelp! reviews for restaurants near you that serve chicken. Social media has changed search and therefore is changing the ways we optimize for search engines.

We’ve gathered 10 quick tips for enhancing your social media and SEO through the use of different platforms.

Pinterest – Search engines love Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest, you should be. Upload pins and link them back to related content on your website, such as blog posts, videos, articles, services or products. Tag the images, or ‘pins’, with key search words that align both with the content you’re sharing and those in your SEO strategy.

Twitter – Twitter and Google may not play as well together these days but Twitter’s own search functions and use of hashtags makes it a great way to direct users to your content. Tweet your content often and use hashtags (#) to tag it with keywords, i.e. if you’re tweeting you latest blog about the newest iphone, use #iphone5 #apple #smartphone #tech in your tweet. Don’t be afraid of tweeting repeat content as Twitter is a fast-paced social network.

Facebook – Facebook utilizes Bing for their search and we all know just how poor that works BUT some posts via business pages do have some search power. Utilize photos! Not only are they the best for engagement but show up high in image search results when you use keywords in your post. For instance, if I’m searching for images of the Denver Broncos and you made a post talking about the Denver game on Monday Night Football with an image of the Broncos logo, it’s likely to show up fairly high in the image search results. Content is king but images are almighty, for now.

Business Listings – We all care what our customers think about our business and if not, we should. Develop a process to push satisfied customers to leave positive reviews for your Google Local, Yelp!, Yellow Pages and other business listing sites. The more reviews you have, the more likely you’ll show up above your competition.

Social Bookmarking – Link building is a key component to SEO. Submit each new piece of content to sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and others. Consider a service like Social Maximizer for one submission to multiple different sites. Social bookmarking is a great way to have your social media and SEO work together in boosting trust and authority with the search engines.

LinkedIn – Google a company or person’s name and chances are, their LinkedIn page shows up fairly high in the results. Encourage employees to set up a LinkedIn account focused around what they do for your company. Make sure they add descriptions and keywords and also link to your company website.

Blogging – Search ‘spiders’ are crawling the net for fresh, relevant content. Update your blog at least once a week and consider trending or timely content. If you’re a health club, post about fall activities that burn the most calories or healthy recipes with fall vegetables. Don’t forget to tag your posts and add images!

YouTube – Create and post videos often. Think about how-tos, humor, weekly features, tips/tricks, news, vlogs (video blogs) or even a group of images to music. Practically any piece of content can be turned into some sort of video. Don’t over think the production of these. Utilize all of YouTube’s tools to tag, describe and link your video.

Google+ – ‘Search Your World’ is Google’s newest mindset by tying Google+ posts and profiles into search results. At the very least, set up a profile, complete the description with keywords. Similar to Twitter, utilize hash tags (#) and mentions (@) to optimize your content and make it more search friendly. Also, create posts surrounding the ‘what’s trending’ section if it’s relevant to your company.

Social Media and SEO Bonus Tip: Create a company profile on several platforms. Focus on main ones to keep active but look at creating profiles on multiple social networks to enhance your social reach online. It’s all part of the link building game!

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