What makes a digital marketing agency a great place to work?  How do you know if an agency environment is right for you?  And which firm offers the best fit given your individual goals and career aspirations?  Here is a summary of the unique agency environment we have built at SmartSearch Marketing.

It All Starts with Values

You can tell a lot about a company’s culture based on their values.

SmartSearch Marketing has 6 values that define the essence of who we are; what we do; and how we do it.  Here they are:

  1. Being a long-term, trusted partner — an extension of our clients’ marketing team.
  2. Instilling complete client confidence via our experience, expertise and commitment to excellence.
  3. Striving to serve clients and each other with humility.
  4. Aspiring to remain curious, and be life-long learners. We stay on top of our game.
  5. Empowering people with autonomy and flexibility. People who in turn, demonstrate initiative and personal accountability.
  6. Integrity. Doing the right thing; Making and keeping commitments.

Our Unique Agency Culture

Our unique agency culture is built around these core values.  This means we hire people who are already aligned with our firm’s belief system.

Our staff is comprised of mature professionals who:

  • Obviously love serving clients. There is no place they would rather work than an agency!
  • Thrive in a challenging, face-paced, multi-tasking environment.
  • Possess the discipline and work-ethic to prioritize their workload and effectively manage themselves.
  • Are clear and concise communicators, even in difficult situations.
  • Are creative, resourceful problem solvers.
  • Love to learn, explore and test. They teach themselves new skills on a regular basis.
  • Know where they want to go and what it will take to get there. They have a clear career plan!
  • They are confident and on top of their game.
  • They want to work with other talented and exceptional professionals. People they can count on; people who share their same passions.

Flexibility, Autonomy, Reliability and Trust

We operate a successful work-from-your-home-office (virtual) agency environment.  Our employees are spread across the country.  We use tools and technology and agency standards/processes to stay integrated, coordinated and generally “connected”.

This unique work environment provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and personal autonomy.  It also saves a lot of time.  No more commuting!

In general, we don’t have meetings and calls for the sake of having meetings and calls.  Nearly all of our employees’ time is spent either (1) improving themselves, (2) improving our agency, or (3) improving client results.

Our work-from-home environment also means that we must deeply trust our employees.  We don’t micro-manage people.  We don’t ask our staff to track tasks or record hours.  How do we know what people are doing?  How do we know if they are working?

We have found that if we hire the right people, with the right values – we don’t have to worry about any of this.  They do what it takes to deliver on the commitments they make – both to internal teams and to clients.  Their passion and amazing work ethic is obvious based on the timeliness and quality of the work they deliver, every day.

SmartSearch Marketing is an amazing place to work… for the right person.

About the Author

Patricia Hursh

Patricia Hursh is the president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing. Today she leads the Client Services division of the agency. She specializes developing digital strategies and full-funnel marketing solutions for B2B companies. Patricia leads multi-functional teams to ensure bottom-line business results for SmartSearch Marketing’s clients.

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