SmartSearch Marketing developed a lead generation scorecard to help B2B marketers proactively manage brands across the entire digital experience, from click to conversion.

SmartSearch Marketing, a leading B2B digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing solutions for medium- to large-sized B2B companies, today announced the release of a B2B lead generation scorecard. The scorecard is now available to all B2B businesses interested in investigating the effectiveness of their current digital lead generation program.

“At SmartSearch Marketing we know that getting prospects to your website is only half the battle,” said Patricia Hursh, vice president of client delivery at SmartSearch Marketing. “What happens after the click is critical to your digital marketing success. We’ve found that most B2B marketers don’t really know how effective their landing pages are, especially in terms of visitor engagement and conversion. Based on this, we created a tool to help B2B companies quickly determine their landing page effectiveness.”

Landing pages are given a one to five score based on industry best practices related to website usability and conversion. The lead generation scorecard covers:

  •     Content. Is it apparent what the page is about and what you want prospects to do? Is the copy clear and concise? Are images effective?
  •     Engagement. Are the messages and calls-to-action engaging, compelling and unique? Is the benefit obvious?
  •     Conversion. Is there a clear, easy path to conversion? Is the registration form (or action) easy to find and complete? Is the post-conversion experience helpful?

Contact SmartSearch Marketing and find out if you’re eligible for a complimentary Landing Page Conversion Scorecard, /lead-generation-scorecard.

Since 1999, SmartSearch Marketing has helped B2B technology companies with complex sales cycles to improve their lead generation results. The company creates a custom program for each client, designed to fit each step of the sales cycle. SmartSearch Marketing ensures that messaging and marketing assets match buyer needs at every stage.

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SmartSearch Marketing has been in business since 1999, specializing in search marketing solutions for medium to large sized B2B companies. Agency value comes from extraordinary service, strategic leadership, and deep technical expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, and conversion improvement. SmartSearch Marketing consists of a team of highly skilled digital marketing experts. SmartSearch enables clients to attract, engage and convert prospects across the entire buying lifecycle.

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