Meet Jason Decker, Local Search Expert for SmartSearch Marketing. Jason, a Google AdWords Certified specialist, manages SmartSearch Marketing’s Local Results search program. Jason ensures SmartSearch Marketing B2B and B2C clients achieve maximum results with their local search marketing campaigns. Jason’s expertise and collaboration with the SmartSearch Marketing SEO Team provides B2B and B2C marketers an integrated approach to improve rankings for local search terms in traditional organic results as well as review and monitor their online reputation.

Jason is passionate about improving clients’ online visibility, website traffic, business results and profitability. He specializes in working with local companies and large national brands that have multiple locations, franchisees, dealers or resellers. Over the past five years, Jason has worked with a variety of B2C and B2B companies, and has successfully promoted businesses in a variety of industries including travel, healthcare, real estate and construction.

Jason has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2008. His wide-variety of experience includes local search, SEO, paid search advertising, website usability & conversion optimization, link building, mobile marketing, web analytics analysis and social media marketing. Jason holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Florida State University, and recently earned a Master Degree in Web Design, Development and Internet Marketing from the University of Denver. His thesis focused on website usability and increasing conversions.

Originally from Florida, Jason now lives in Denver, Colorado. In his free time, Jason enjoys snowboarding, surfing, traveling, hiking, live music, music production and watching Florida State Football.

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