Company develops new SERP tool to visualize Google organic results

Boulder, Colorado–September 8, 2016

SmartSearch Marketing, a leading B2B digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing solutions for medium- to large-sized B2B companies, today announced that it has developed a tool for search engine marketers to visualize how a URL, page title and description will be displayed in Google organic results.

In May of 2016, Google changed the way it displays organic results on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Since 2014 Organic Titles and Descriptions are no longer limited by a certain number of characters, but rather are now based on pixel width. This pixel width increased with the latest SERP update.

“The Google update increased the amount of target keywords you can fit in the title tag, which is a huge win for SEO experts,” said Jason Decker SEO and local specialist at SmartSearch Marketing. “Current tools for search marketers do not reflect the most recent Google updates, so we decided to build a tool to give search marketers a preview of what the title, URL and description will currently look like, based on the new pixel limits. ”

Title tags are critical because they provide a preview of the content of a web page and are also a top influencer of SEO ranking and results. The development of this tool supports SmartSearch Marketing’s SEO client services and reflects the agency’s deep search engine expertise.

Click here to access the SmartSearch Marketing Google Title Tag Preview Tool. Users are encouraged to submit feedback to Jason Decker at For more information about SmartSearch Marketing products and services, visit

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