The days of separation between the social media marketing world and the SEO (search engine optimization) world are over.  With the continued surge of social marketing and the increased competitive nature of search marketing, it’s important that search marketing agencies include a cohesive social marketing strategy in their search engine optimization packages.

In order to be successful in 2012, search marketers must realize the line between social media and SEO is becoming nonexistent. The world has embraced social media and social media platforms have made great strides in courting businesses for participation and advertising. Social media is becoming essential for all businesses to include in their marketing efforts.  After all, social signals are already affecting search engine results.  The major search engines have publically confirmed this fact on multiple occasions.

In addition, search engines are displaying both personal (when logged into the corresponding account) and public information in their search results.  Facebook currently partners with Bing to provide personalization in their search results by including posts from friends or companies you “like” that are related to the search topic. And Google just launched “Google plus your world” at the beginning of the year, which allows content from your Google+ account and circle to appear in their search results.

This evolution of search provides businesses with more opportunities to share information and news about their company and business and have that message appear across online platforms. By participating in, creating and promoting conversations about your industry, company, products or services you can not only communicate with your target audience, you can also influence how your website ranks in the search results.

With programs such as Google’s “Google plus your world” and Facebook’s partnership with Bing, social media efforts must work in concert with your SEO program and is becoming an essential component to search engine optimization packages. When these strategies are properly orchestrated, your target audience should get one cohesive message no matter the outlet, increasing brand awareness and potentially lead generation or sales. With socially acceptable search engine optimization packages, businesses will likely see greater results in their SEO programs now and in the future.

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Patricia Hursh

Patricia Hursh is the president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing. Today she leads the Client Services division of the agency. She specializes developing digital strategies and full-funnel marketing solutions for B2B companies. Patricia leads multi-functional teams to ensure bottom-line business results for SmartSearch Marketing’s clients.

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