What is the Impact of Customer Reviews?  It has long been believed that positive customer reviews lead to improved organic search visibility and additional website traffic. SmartSearch Marketing and our client PERFECT TEETH worked together to determine the correlation between customer reviews and organic search results.


SmartSearch analyzed customer review data for all 68 PERFECT TEETH dental offices in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. We compared review data to organic search visibility, for each office location.


  • 70% of office locations with the best organic search visibility have a 5 Google Star Rating or higher.
  • Offices with a volume of reviews that is greater than average (for all offices) have more Top Google Listings than offices with less reviews than average.


  • There is a positive correlation between Google Star Rating and visibility in Google search results, meaning that review ratings do matter and positively impact online visibility; leading to website traffic and online results.
  • There is also a positive correlation between the volume of Google reviews and visibility, meaning that the number of customer reviews does matter and has a positive impact on visibility, website traffic and results.


Customer reviews do impact SEO results.  Companies should proactively encourage customers who had a positive experience to submit reviews, especially on Google.