There are many factors that directly influence local search. Your visibility and the major local directory engines, backlink profile and a well optimized local website/ webpage are a few. This image created by Phil Rozek of helps explain the local search directory game.

What should I take from this?

Local Search Turf War

1.    YP (Yellow Pages), Yelp, Yahoo & Bing reviews are all being found by Google searches.
2.    YP has local ads that now show on Yelp.
3.    Some YP data gets pushed to Yelp.
4.    Yelp’s data gets pushed to Apple Maps (the only way Apple Maps gets data).
5.    Yelp reviews are now pushed to Bing & Yahoo (who do not have their own review systems).

If possible, you should create, manage and monitor local business listings for all directories, especially the ones noted above. This way you can ensure that the data is accurate and you can directly respond to reviews about your business. You should start with Google, YellowPages and Yelp, who are the 3 biggest players in the local search review game. Continue to create and manage as many local directory listing as possible for maximum success in local search.

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