Increase Lead Volume and Improve Quality (Simultaneously)

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Client Case Study: Increase Lead Generation with Paid Search


Our client, a global B2B software company, wanted to improve their online lead generation results. This company relies on their website to produce highly-qualified sales leads. The marketing team was satisfied with the overall volume of their website traffic, but needed more qualified visitors to meet their lead and sales goals.

This B2B firm needed more than clicks. They required a partner who could improve results through the entire search experience… from a prospect’s first search all the way through engagement, inquiry, lead, and sale.


SmartSearch Marketing developed a customized lead generation program by integrating a highly-targeted PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaign, with landing pages (microsites), developed specifically for engaging the prospect through each phase of the buying cycle.

Paid Search campaign improvements included:

  • Detailed analysis of click/cost/conversion data at the keyword level
  • Analyzed historical results based on each keyword’s assumed buy-cycle-phase
  • Created targeted ad copy, directly aligned with each keyword.
  • Each ad includes a compelling call-to-action directly related to buyers’ needs in that buy phase
  • Improved ad serving based on historical results related to geography, time of day, and previous exposure to the brand


While holding media spend fairly level, the SmartSearch Marketing team was able to successfully:

  • Generate additional leads (97% increase)
  • Decrease the average cost per lead (by 49%)
  • Improve the overall quality of the leads



Can we improve your results?

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