When you think of Google’s Webmaster Tools (GWT), most people rely on it for technical data, but there is a wealth of information to help with SEO strategy.

Here are six areas in GWT to check out:

  1. HTML Improvements – This report allows you to easily identify title tag/meta description issues and prioritize your efforts.
  2. Content Keywords – This report shows the keywords that are used on your site, along with keyword variations and significance.
  3. Structured Data – GWT has a feature that shows the type of structured data that Google was able to detect on your site, along with the URLs containing each type.
  4. Data Markup Helper – Under Other Resources, the Data Markup Helper allows you to tag the data fields for events, products and more on your site.
  5. Sitemaps – View all the sitemaps that you’ve added (or Google found) along with statistics such as the last date it was processed and the number of pages submitted and indexed.
  6. Remove URLs – If you need to remove a URL from Google’s index, you can use the Remove URLs feature in Webmaster Tools. Only use this tool if you want to permanently remove a URL (as opposed to redirecting it).

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