NEW Search Engine Algorithm.

Here is a summary of initial facts about the recent hummingbird algorithm change.


Hummingbird is the company’s most significant algorithm change since “Caffeine” in 2010.

  • Why “hummingbird”?   According to Google, the name represents “precise and fast” search results.
  • The new algorithm affects 90% of all searches, and has been in place for about a month.
  • The update is designed to better respond to longer search queries, questions, and “conversational speech” (think “the semantic web”).
  • Google also announced an updated version of the Google Search app on iOS (coming soon)
  • Google indicated they are working on more advanced voice queries
  • Will this impact your organic website traffic?  If you haven’t seen a drop over the past month… probably not.
  • This update has not generated a significant outcry from website owners and publishers.

How will Google Hummingbird affect your SEO strategy?

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