Google announced on November 2nd that special holiday hours will be available for Google My Business listings. This feature is available for small business owners as well as those with Google My Business List accounts (a.ka Google Bulk accounts). The new “Special Hours” or “Holiday Hours” comes out just in time for the holiday season.

This is a great new feature that makes it very easy to select special hours for a local business far in advance. Many businesses normally would not update their hours for holidays or would change hours and then forget to change them back, causing confusion for customers.

This is especially a useful feature when hours of operation are different than normal. When the feature is used, Google provides a note to customers informing them “hours might differ”. Google will automatically display “normal hours” after the special event date.  Local business owners can schedule “special hours” 365 days in advance.

Here is an example of how special hours are displayed:

Picture1While this is a small feature update, it is still an important and appreciated one. Google My Business has typically been a much ignored product from Google. After a minor Facelift to the Google My Business Interface in late September, it appears Google is putting some effort into improving the platform. Now that this new feature is available, be sure to go update your Google My Business page and take advantage!

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