On June 11th, The Google local search team released the biggest Google Local update, ever! This was a global rollout with an estimated 99.5% of locations affected by this roll out. The update really streamlined multiple Google products into one dashboard. Google My Business has fully integrated all types of Google Local / Map Listings with Social Functionality. This update is really focused on making it easier for the small business owner able to manage multiple Google products easily and in one portal.

Unfortunately multi-location businesses did not get as much of an upgrade as their single location counterparts. As usual with Google Local, they take care of single location businesses first and upgrade features for multi-location businesses way down the line.

Google My Business

While some of these features have been covered in other updates, here are the top features available for multi-location users with Google My Business.

  1. All upgraded accounts now have full social capability such as sharing photos, videos, information, etc. and building out a community around your specific location.
  2. Individual managers can be assigned to each location and each location in a Bulk / Enterprise Level account can be managed individually.
  3. Much easier to use interface.
  4. Major upgrade in the speed of upgrading information.
  5. Ability to select a Profile Picture. Google may still choose the photo they see as best but at least we do have some say in this now. They do recommend using storefront photos wherever possible.
  6. Ability to have a Cover Photo.
  7. Much improved procedure for resolving dual claimed listing issues.

Overall it’s a huge step in the right direction for Google Local. They have announced more features coming soon for Google Local Bulk Accounts. We look forward to the next wave of improvements.

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