Most people involved in the search industry are aware of a recent Google announcement related to mobile search results. Will this algorithm update (scheduled for April 21, 2015) impact your search visibility and results? Here’s the scoop…


Google has shared the following information about their upcoming algo update, as it related to mobile searches:

  • Google will now be assessing “mobile friendliness” as part of their search algorithm.
  • This change is expected to go into effect on April 21, 2015.
  • This means that your website’s mobile experience has the potential to impact your search visibility and organic traffic.
  • Google has provided some information in terms of what they deem “mobile friendly”.
  • Here is a sampling of mobile no-no’s:
    • Slow-to-load mobile pages
    • Font size that is not scalable
    • Reliance on flash
    • “Touch elements” (such as buttons) that are not easy to use
    • Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files
    • Unplayable content
    • Faulty redirects
    • Mobile-only 404s
    • App download interstitials
    • Irrelevant cross-links

Is my site mobile-friendly?

How do you know if Google will view your site (and individual webpages) as “mobile friendly”?

As a first step, check-out these Google tests:

Why Mobile Matters

We’ve reached the tipping point! According to eMarketer, mobile searches will surpass desktop searches in 2015.

This means that the majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks will come from smartphones and tablets.

Mobile search traffic is dramatically increasing. Improvements in mobile ROI will be right behind.

Additional information:

If you’d like to learn more about this algorithm update, here are a few additional industry resources:

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