Tweet it to the world! In August 2012, Twitter released the capabilities to promote your account, tweets or trending topic out of beta. Since then, users have been experimenting with this new social pay per click (PPC) option, including SmartSearch. We had some great results in our test run and recommend you start utilizing Twitter ads for your business. Let us show you how.

Before you login into your Twitter ads account, it’s important to determine the following:

  1. What are your goals with Twitter ads?
  2. Who are you targeting with your ads?
  3. How much have you budgeted to run these ads?
  4. How will you track the success of your ads?

Twitter offers the ability to promote your account to encourage new followers, specific tweets to promote your content (i.e. articles, events, blogs, ebooks, etc) or promoted trends to highlight certain hashtags or keywords relating to your company. The option(s) you select need to be reflective of your goals.

Lets Get Started
To start, you login to with your normal Twitter login. From there, you will be greeted with the welcome screen. Select the ‘Get Started’ button to begin creating your ads. Currently, Twitter’s ad targeting it limited to geographic location. You can select areas as big as entire countries down to specific metro areas. Select the targeting that makes the most sense for your business.

Promoted Accounts
Next, you’ll have the option to promote your account, which again, is great for brand awareness and attracting new followers. Based on the budget you determined prior, you can break down your spend for that month or quarter into a per-day cost.

Promoted Account

You can also change your maximum bid. A higher bid could mean more exposure but also a more expensive campaign. A higher bid will change the projected new followers per day.

Promoted Tweets
If you want to skip promoted accounts, you can do so and Twitter will take you to the promoted tweets option. Here you can either have your most recent tweets promoted or manually select the ones you would like to be advertised.

Promoted Tweets

I recommend manually selecting tweets that direct people back to your content that’s hosted on your website, blog or social profile. Also, don’t forget to select ‘Hide @replies’ so you’re not promoting responses to other Twitter users. The bidding process is similar to promoted accounts but you’ll notice by default, a lower maximum bid.

Promoted Trends
While on this ads dashboard, Twitter doesn’t show you the option for promoted trends, you can run keyword campaigns that show up in the ‘What’s Trending’ box on Twitter. These are great for highlighting a new product, event or for brand awareness by keyword/phrase connotation.


Managing Your Campaign
One bonus about Twitter’s promoted options is the analytic reporting is live and will being showing stats as soon as you begin your campaign.

The promoted dashboard shows you basic analytic information about your campaigns, including impressions, clicks, rewteets, replies and engagement rate.

Reports Dashboard

Another benefit is the ability to make edits to your campaigns quickly and easily. For instance, you may no longer want to promote a specific tweet because it’s time sensitive, so you can unselect that tweet, save and continue promoting the other tweets in your campaign.

Check out more of Twitter’s dashboard tools here:

Time to Rock!
It’s an exciting time for social advertising but how do you make the most of your budget on Twitter? Here are some tips we’ve compiled for getting the best bang for your buck.

  • Experiment: Take an initial 30 to 60 day trial period utilizing the different promoted options and then analyze the results to see which campaigns were the most successful.
  • Promote Your Content: Twitter is all about sharing and engaging, but if you’re advertising, it needs to be all about you. When using promoted tweets, make sure links or images you’re sharing tie directly back to your brand.
  • Plan Ahead: Look ahead at your next quarter. Do you have blog posts, a webinar, new eBook or a marketing campaign coming up? Utilize Twitter’s promoted options to enhance your marketing strategy for those components and include a separate budget for Twitter in your marketing plan.
  • Be Concise Yet Engaging: Promoted tweets and trends are limited on characters. Make sure your messaging gets the point across but uses keywords and verbiage that entice your target market to interact with your ads.
  • Monitor Progress Often: Don’t just set up your ads and leave them to manage them selves. Check up on them a few times a week and make adjustments if they aren’t performing as you’d like.
  • Be Trendy: Create promoted tweets around trending topics. If it’s relevant to your business, keep an eye on the ‘what’s trending’ topics and launch campaigns surrounding what people are talking about on Twitter.
  • Continue Tweeting: Don’t just rely on paid options to enhance your Twitter presence. Keep sharing, retweeting and talking with other users to enhance your brand’s presence on Twitter.

Well, there you have it! Whether you’re launching a new product or just want a boost in followers, Twitter can help you get your brand in front of the right audience. Give Twitter advertising a try for your business and if you need a little help, contact SmartSearch Marketing for all your pay-per-click needs.

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