7 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

By: Patricia Hursh
Are you pinning? Pinterest launched as a place to share and post dream destinations, fabulous clothing, tasty recipes and wedding ideas, but it is now transitioning into a place for businesses to market themselves. In fact, Pinterest just announced new ‘business accounts’. What does this mean for your company? Well, it’s probably time to start...
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Social Media & SEO Playing Nice

By: Patricia Hursh
10 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your SEO If you Google ‘chicken recipes’ these days you may get a Pinterest board for meal ideas for chicken, a blog about the best ways to cook chicken, a tweet or Yelp! reviews for restaurants near you that serve chicken. Social media has changed search and therefore is...
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Choosing the Right B2B Social Media Platform

By: Patricia Hursh
When discussing B2B social media with business owners, I normally get two scenarios. Either they believe they need to have a presence on every social network in order for it to work, OR they haven’t really bought into the whole social media thing, and think that Facebook is social media. They both are wrong.
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6 Targeting Methods To Reach Your Business Audience Via LinkedIn

By: Kate Powell
Most B2B marketers have a list of potential buyers at specific companies that they would like to reach. It can be very difficult to selectively target this audience via PPC (Pay Per Click) search ads or banner campaigns. Even behavioral targeting has its limitations. Your next move… LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads is an offering from...
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