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SmartSearch Marketing is Proud to be a Google Premier Partner!

SmartSearch Marketing was recently named a Google PREMIER Partner Agency. This is an honor reserved for select agencies that meet Google’s stringent qualification criteria including: the ability to keep and grow clients, employee education and skills development, obtaining multiple Google certifications, and adhering to additional agency best practices. We are proud to be one of only a few B2B-oriented digital agencies that is also a Google PREMIER Partner. Read more


B2B Lead Generation Solutions for Technology Companies

In my previous post I discussed the advantages of working with a search marketing specialist (versus a general digital marketing agency).  I’d like to take the concept of specialization one step further and explore the benefits of working with an agency that specializes in a particular industry or type of solution – namely B2B lead generation. Read more


Hiring a Search Marketing Agency: 4 Essential Questions To Ask

There are many questions that should be asked during an RFP or interview process for hiring a Digital/Search Marketing Agency. After executing countless client on-board processes, I have found that ensuring a good fit between a client and an agency comes down to asking the right questions. I recommend that you ask these 4 critical questions before you select a digital/search partner… Read more


Benefits of an Integrated Search Marketing Team

In a previous blog, “The Power of an Expert Search Team”, I explained our agency’s philosophy regarding hiring subject matter experts in each search marketing discipline – paid search, SEO, conversion, analytics, content, etc. In this post, I’ll discuss how clients benefit from information sharing across their team of specialists. Here are three specific integration examples that have improved clients’ online marketing results.

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The Fallacy of SEO Ranking Reports

How To Better Spend Your Time & Effort

For some time now, there’s been a growing buzz in the SEO community regarding organic ranking reports.  The conversation focuses on a significant short list of controversial topics including: accuracy of data, use of tools that violate terms of service to scrape data, necessity for client reporting, and the foundational question: are ranking reports essential for performance monitoring.  There are strong — and relevant — opinions on both sides of the debate. Read more


A Hiring Checklist To Find The Right B2B Search Marketing Agency


All search marketing programs are not created equally. This rings true most profoundly in the B2B marketing arena where shifting corporate demands, streamlined staffs and reduced budgets produce unique challenges for both B2B companies and the search marketing agencies they hire.

Follow this B2B search marketing agency hiring checklist to find a long-term partner that can deliver success, get you noticed online and secure more quality leads.

B2B Experts

Ensure your search marketing agency understands the nuances of your industry, the complexities behind the long lead cycle, and the demands of B2B corporate reporting and quarterly goal attainment.

Integrated Search Experts

Hire an integrated search marketing agency with a talented and experienced team to manage your B2B search program. For a comprehensive effort your agency roster should include technical Web design experts, content generators, SEO experts, conversion specialists, user interface experts, and link-building specialists, to list a few.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

Hire an agency that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with a team of “individually qualified” paid search experts certified by Google — you’ll then be better connected to Google intelligentsia, and positioned to gain maximum results.

An Extension of Your Team

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report lack of resources is the greatest obstacle for B2B marketers to reaching their goals.


In order to combat the resource issue head-on, hire an agency as an extension of your team. Share corporate plans, invite them to meetings, and hold them accountable.

You’ll also want to understand the agency’s entire team from end-to-end. Meet the wizards behind the curtain who will be dialing-in keywords, fine-tuning ad placements, and securing links — all in the interest of producing quality leads for your company.

Power Reviews

Ensure your agency has a history of credibility and success with its current customer base. You’ll want to see their proven track record, speak to their current customers, and review their monthly reporting.

Tool Box

What tools do they use? Understand the technology behind the agency’s products and services. Does the agency partner with leading technology companies to deliver services? Has the agency created propriety tools in order to deliver the best results possible to their customers?

Big & Small

Hire a search marketing agency that can think strategically and deliver tactically. Meet the big brains on your search marketing team to feel confident about the plan. Talk to them in terms of one, three and five year plans to ensure they see a future — a partnership — with you, and can deliver both a detailed strategic plan and the tactics behind it.

Can They Deliver?

What do they deliver? Make sure it is not ‘one size fits all’, but a custom program matched to your company’s needs based on goals, budget, and resources.

Measure, Report, Repeat

Ask for a demo of the agency’s monthly and yearly customer reports. Delve deep into how — and when — reports are provided, ROI is measured, and program adjustments are put into place, such as keyword fine-tuning, to garner improved results. I recommend an agency that hosts a customer reporting dashboard to help you easily grab data when presenting results to your C-level management or simply reviewing with your in-house team.

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, B2B Marketers found the top methods to present results included consistent reviews of program metrics with C-level executives as well as creating internal program support by reporting results at company meetings or via a company intranet.

It’s also important to distill the metrics — pull out the marketing speak to ensure your program successes are easy to spot and easy to understand by non-marketers.


Best Friends For Life

Meet your new agency in person. Get off the phone, out of the office and meet the individuals who will become an extension of your marketing team.

If someone is going to work hand-in-hand with your corporate team to ensure your success then you should get to know the team — even like them. You want to make sure they are professional, match your corporate sensibilities, and can present to the C-level if called upon. 

Do Your Homework

To find a search marketing agency that can respond to the diverse challenges of B2B marketing, sync with corporate culture, and deliver on the goods – you’ll need to do your homework — but the pay-off is potentially huge.

It’s not enough for an agency to say they know your market and can perform. The agency will need to show they are a professional team with proven B2B search marketing experience and documented results.

Your diligent homework will guarantee you’ve found a professional agency to meet your goals now, and grow with your company into the future. It also means you won’t have to repeat the agency hiring and on-boarding process yearly.

If you feel confident about your selection and work closely with your agency to help reach your goals, you’ll achieve maximum results and become the star of your marketing team!


Find Out the True Value of Your Search Marketing ROI

By Patricia Hursh, President and Founder, SmartSearch Marketing

true value of sem program

In search marketing it’s essential to track conversions, such as contact forms, white paper downloads, and webinar registrations. But if that’s your sole focus, you’re likely miscalculating and underestimating your ROI on search marketing.
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