Remarketing As A Branding Tool For B2B

By: Kate Powell
Branding in B2B search engine marketing is a constant topic for debate. All B2B marketers realize that online brand awareness and recognition is extremely important, and most marketers already promote their brand via PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs. To increase the effectiveness of your efforts, I also recommend implementing remarketing. A...
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3 Tips To Manage Complex Paid Search Programs

By: Patricia Hursh
When you are managing hundreds of ad groups, it’s easy to neglect certain details; however, the diamonds in the rough can often only be found through account deep-dives. Thus, I’m always looking for the next tip or tool that could speed up and make more efficient my management of large, complex Google Ads accounts. Below...
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4 Proven Methods For Improving B2B Ad Targeting

By: Jessie Thomas
B2B marketers often use paid search for lead generation and customer acquisition purposes. Based on the lifetime value of a customer, many business marketers are willing to pay a significant amount for a PPC-generated lead. Advanced PPC matching technology can be extremely effective to ensure campaigns are highly targeted in order to provide high-quality inquires...
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