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Expand Your B2B Asset Horizons – 12 Ideas to Consider

I think too often marketers get in a habit of creating the same type of assets over and over, or just updating old assets. Instead consider expanding the different types of assets that you make available. Be creative and often those will be the most compelling and interesting. Sure a portion of your audience will be interested in white papers but if that is all you have then you are unable to engage with all those people who aren’t interested in white papers.

Here are a few types of assets to consider and may or may not be applicable for you: Read more


Web Content Marketing – 11 Tips

Create Awesome Content That Will Attract and Win Customers

Content is an increasingly essential component of web marketing – and marketing in general. In a recent poll of top marketing executives, content marketing has surpassed PPC in importance in search marketing. Read more


3 Steps To Optimize Your B2B Information Assets

Does this situation sound familiar? Due to the success of your SEO program, organic traffic to your website is increasing. However, visitors aren’t engaging with specific aspects of the site and aren’t taking the desired actions.
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