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The 3 Most Impactful Aspects of a Landing Page Test

Conversion testing ideas and options for a landing page can be virtually limitless. In this post I share the three aspects of a landing page that we have found to be most impactful in terms of increasing conversions, and specifically — registration form submissions.
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Optimizing Your Testing/CRO Program

This year I went to the Conversion Conference in Las Vegas where I saw many amazing speakers, one of which was Clair Vo from who spoke about how to determine if your testing program is successful and what metrics to look at. For those who were unable to attend I will discuss some of the main points. Read more


PPC Landing Pages & Quality Score: How Do They Relate?

We are always optimizing our clients’ PPC (Pay Per Click) accounts and as part of that process, naturally our attention turns to Google AdWords Quality Score. There are many factors that go into Quality Score but in this post I will be focusing on landing page factors. Based on various conversions with Google representatives here are some interesting insights about PPC landing pages and Quality Score…

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How confident are you in your “statistical confidence”?

“Statistical confidence” is a frequent conversation that circulates in the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) testing community.  How much statistical confidence do we need?… How should it be calculated?… How much data is required for the confidence to be valid?…

In this post, I will discuss the considerations we use at SmartSearch Marketing to answer some of these questions. Read more


B2B Landing Page Considerations for Small Wearable Devices

With the advent of new wearable devices (such as a small 1.5 inch watch screen) we must take a new look at conversion optimization for these experiences. Previously we could take 320 pixel width as the minimum design that we needed to account for but now that expands to much smaller sizes and may require a completely different approach to usability and conversion improvement altogether. Read more


7 Key Takeaways from WhichTestWon’s TLE 2014

This year I had the pleasure of speaking at the annual WhichTestWon The Live Event (TLE). It was a great event where I learned a lot of new ideas and some key refreshers. Here are some of the key takeaways that I came away with from the event and can also help you as well if you were unable to attend this year. Read more


How Far Down the Funnel are You Looking? Testing and CTA Considerations

While it may not be the case 100% of the time for marketers, usually its revenue where the buck stops. We can do an amazing job at getting leads but if those leads don’t convert into customers or sales then its not considered a success.

Based on this its important to take a step back from time to time, away from the all important “conversion rate” and look at whats happening further down the funnel. Is the funnel working great and we just need more volume or are there recurring issues where leads are not turning into customers or sales? If its the former then great! we can just work towards increasing that initial conversion rate or increasing our marketing budget. But if its the later, we need to take a hard look at the visitor experience and expectations after converting. Read more