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SEO Content Gap Analysis Explained

If you’re fairly new to SEO you may have heard colleagues throwing around the phrase “content gap analysis”. If hearing those words causes your heart rate to increase or your palms to sweat — then we have you covered. Consider this a Beginner’s Guide to SEO and Content. Here are 5 important things to know…
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Marketing Attribution: Can You Close the Loop?

The right mix… the correct balance… Marketers are faced with the same never ending questions. Are we spending our marketing dollars in the right place? Are we getting the best bang for our buck? Marketing attribution tools help us track our marketing efforts and improve overall ROI, but limitations still exist. In this post I explore common challenges and recommended approaches.
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4 Tips to be a More Effective Communicator

I have found that communication can be one of the harder skills to master – largely because it tends to be an “add-on” to the skills that are required to do our jobs from a technical perspective (we search marketers can be total geeks about our work!)

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How to Survive Change in a Digital Marketing Agency…And Learn to Love It!

Most people have a hard time dealing with change. It’s disruptive and it can be challenging, and yet it’s a part of life. In the online marketing industry, change is the norm. We are constantly keeping up with the latest innovation, algorithm update, advertising feature, and technology… add to that frequent personnel and client changes! So how do we cope with this constant state of change? Here are a few things I have learned that help me navigate change in a digital marketing agency… Read more


3 Reasons Companies Should Consider Leaving Facebook

More and more users are quitting Facebook cold turkey and finding new networks to obsess about. My advice — Don’t delete your Facebook page… yet! In this post I’ll explain why I’m still a big proponent of Facebook and its ability to reach current and potential customers. That said, I do think that all marketers should be developing a social media back-up plan.
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3 Reasons Why Website Traffic Should Inform Your Testing

The purpose of website testing, in general, is to improve results – whether that be site engagement, form completions, ecommerce sales, etc. However, if we’re not smart about our testing plan then we will end up with inconclusive tests, failed tests and tests that have no impact on bottom-line business results. Consider the following examples that illustrate this:
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Why Hire a Search Specialist?

Today (have you noticed) everyone is a search marketing expert.

Over the past 10 years, the number of search marketing “solution providers” has grown dramatically.  This increase in competition has created a lot of choices for marketers.  Many are asking this critical question, “What type of firm should I hire to ensure the best search marketing results?”  In this post I share 4 compelling reasons to hire a Search Specialist… Read more