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SmartSearch Marketing is Hiring Paid Media Experts

SmartSearch Marketing is one of the fastest growing agencies in the digital marketing industry, and we’re looking for exceptional people to join our team of seasoned professionals.  We are currently hiring paid media experts.  Interested?  Read on…
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How to Effectively Leverage UTM Parameters

While their use has been around for quite some time, I’ve found that many marketers are confused about how they should be leveraging UTM parameters to track their digital efforts. UTM parameters are tags added to the end of a URL that will allow marketers to obtain data from different marketing campaigns. The tagged UTM data can be captured in various systems such as website analytics, marketing automation and CRM platforms for reporting and analysis. This is important information that can then be used to assess the effectiveness of various digital marketing initiatives. Read more


Is It Time for Your Annual PPC Check-Up?

Just like an annual physical exam, marketers should regularly conduct a PPC “check-up”.  The beginning of the year is a great time to do this type of assessment.  In this post I cover the most important campaign elements to review including ad extensions, site exclusions and search queries.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your paid media program with a 2017 Check Up! Read more


Implementing Google Expanded Text Ads

In February of this year, Google announced they would no longer serve ads on the right “rail” (or sidebar) of their search results.  This move was designed to improve the consistency of the search experience when using multiple devices, especially mobile devices that lacked the space to show results in the two column format. Read more


Creating a Successful Call-Only Mobile Campaign

In February 2015, Google launched Call Only Campaigns.  These campaigns allow marketers to exclusively target mobile devices and drive phone calls.  In this post I share my tips for effective Call-Only Mobile Campaigns including keywords, ad copy, bid management and ad scheduling… Read more


Improve Lead Generation Results — Think Beyond the Conversion

Many marketer’s working to generate leads via digital channels get very focused on one single action; the website conversion. In my opinion, this viewpoint is too narrowly focused given the amount of activity that must occur both before and after the website conversion. This post explores how by giving pre- and post-conversion activities more attention you can see an increase in the number of leads, an improvement in the quality of leads, and drive additional bottom line revenue. Read more


Initial Thoughts on the Impact of Google Eliminating Right Rail Ads

At the end of February we blogged about a significant change in the way Google displays ads on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – i.e. no longer showing ads on the right side of the page, for most searches.  There was a lot of concern in the marketplace that this might negatively impact Pay-Per-Click (PPC) results, especially for smaller advertisers. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Read more