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5 Trends In Local Search In 2015

Columnist Jason Decker reviews the year’s biggest developments in local search marketing. Which of these has impacted you the most? Read the full text on:


Create a Powerful Landing Page

Conversion – the one word that should drive most marketing decisions, but often doesn’t – is what we all want from a land­ing page. Converting a prospect into a bonafide lead, or better yet, a sale demonstrators landing page effectiveness. Companies invest big money in the who, what, where and how of the busi­ness through a website.The landing page might be beautiful, but it also needs to drive the desired results.
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5 Things New Advertisers Need to Know About Google AdWords Campaign Settings

Google’s default settings often aren’t as advantageous as one might think. Columnist Aaron Slusky explains which settings you may want to change. Read the full text on:


Tips For Getting A New Google AdWords Account Off On The Right Foot

Over the past year, I have launched many new Google paid search accounts. While the basic account structure and setup process have remained relatively consistent over the years, there have been a few recent changes that are worth mentioning.

In this article, I will cover the basics of Google AdWords account setup and share some tips on recent market changes.

Here are seven key steps to creating a new Google AdWords account:

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To UTM Tag or Not UTM Tag, That is The Question

UTM tagging is a popular – but nevertheless mysterious – method of tagging URLs to edit or augment visitor data in Google Analytics. Even in the analytics industry, there is very little discussion or understanding around why or how UTM tagged links influence data in Analytics, which is unfortunate because UTM tags have a significant influence on the two most essential variables for every pageview: source and medium. Read the full text on:


Five reasons for website traffic’s ups and downs

Have you ever looked at your website performance and wondered why your web traffic dipped so significantly in November compared with October or other peak traffic months? Fluctuations in web traffic can be alarming, but they’re totally normal. Having a better understanding of the causes behind changes in web traffic can help B2B companies make better-informed digital marketing decisions…. Read the full text on:


The New Google Local Search Display

Recently, Google has made several changes to how it displays local search results. Columnist Jason Decker explains these changes and discusses the impact for local search marketers. Read the full text on: