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The unexpected impact of Google automated ad extensions

What are automated extensions in AdWords, and how can they impact your PPC analytics and ad performance? Read the full text on:


7 tips to generate more leads on mobile devices

When adapting your pages for mobile devices, you need to consider the mobile user’s mindset. Columnist Abraham Nord shares tips for increasing mobile engagement and conversions. Read the full text on:


Improve B2B marketing results with Google Analytics

How can B2B marketers make the most of Google Analytics? Columnist Stela Yordanova offers some tips to help you better analyze website engagement and conversion. Read the full text on:


3 ways to improve B2B lead quality

Columnist Patricia Hursh believes that by working closely with sales, improving targeting and using the right qualifiers, B2B businesses can see greater returns from their marketing efforts. Read the full text on:


Beyond last-click attribution: Other success metrics you should be tracking

Conversions are an important success metric, but they don’t tell the whole story. Columnist Kristie Colby discusses the importance of taking the whole customer journey into account. Digital marketing involves a series of opportunities to engage prospective customers; focus on your buyer’s entire journey, not just their final destination. Read the full text on:


Optimizing Conversions Isn’t Everything! Don’t Neglect What Happens Before & After

Are you maximizing your conversion potential? Columnist Dale Hursh discusses the activities and efforts that occur both before and after the conversion point, noting that focusing efforts here can increase conversions and ROI. Read the full text on:


3 Reasons B2B Marketers Must Embrace Mobile… Now

Have you optimized your B2B website for mobile search? If not, columnist Patricia Hursh explains why you must work to become mobile-friendly immediately. Read the full text on: