With the advent of new wearable devices (such as a small 1.5 inch watch screen) we must take a new look at conversion optimization for these experiences. Previously we could take 320 pixel width as the minimum design that we needed to account for but now that expands to much smaller sizes and may require a completely different approach to usability and conversion improvement altogether.

Here are a few points to consider when tackling these small wearable devices and trying to optimize them for conversion improvement:

  1. These devices are still in their infancy. The good thing is that we still have some time before they gain wider acceptance (if they even do). This means that we can thoroughly flush out a plan and potentially attack the issue from multiple angles.
  2. Utilize the additional features of these devices. Due to the small size of these devices we are forced to “think outside the screen”. This would include features like “talk to type” for example.
  3. Use an alternate method for getting lead information/contact details: We may need to forget forms for these devices due to the usability issues with forms at this small size and use other methods for contact info. Potentially greater emphasis on a call, connecting through social networks or other means to get visitor contact info via a one click method.
  4. Offer alternate calls-to-action and assets. The traditional methods of white papers or analyst reports may be inaccessible on these smaller screens and not engaging for these visitors. Instead we may need to shift to a more interactive e-white paper, guide or tour.
  5. Provide a way for the visitor to share and access the information at a later time. Generally speaking, this should be incorporated for all screen sizes but especially for these small devices where the visitor is likely on the go and may not be able to completely focus and consume the content you are providing until later.

Small Wearable Devices - Conversion Improvement

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