SmartSearch Marketing is Proud to be a Google Premier Partner!

SmartSearch Marketing was recently named a Google PREMIER Partner Agency. This is an honor reserved for select agencies that meet Google’s stringent qualification criteria including: the ability to keep and grow clients, employee education and skills development, obtaining multiple Google certifications, and adhering to additional agency best practices. We are proud to be one of only a few B2B-oriented digital agencies that is also a Google PREMIER Partner. Read more


3 ways to improve B2B lead quality

Columnist Patricia Hursh believes that by working closely with sales, improving targeting and using the right qualifiers, B2B businesses can see greater returns from their marketing efforts. Read the full text on:


Initial Thoughts on the Impact of Google Eliminating Right Rail Ads

At the end of February we blogged about a significant change in the way Google displays ads on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – i.e. no longer showing ads on the right side of the page, for most searches.  There was a lot of concern in the marketplace that this might negatively impact Pay-Per-Click (PPC) results, especially for smaller advertisers. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Read more


B2B Lead Gen Solutions for Technology Companies

In my previous post I discussed the advantages of working with a search marketing specialist (versus a general digital marketing agency).  I’d like to take the concept of specialization one step further and explore the benefits of working with an agency that specializes in a particular industry or type of solution – namely B2B lead generation. Read more


Google Eliminates Ads on Right Side of Desktop Search Results

Last week Google made a significant change in the way ads are displayed in desktop search results.   SmartSearch is monitoring our clients’ search programs on a frequent and thorough basis in order to determine how this change is impacting paid search results.  Key facts about the change are summarized here…
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3 Reasons B2B Marketers Must Embrace Mobile… Now

Have you optimized your B2B website for mobile search? If not, columnist Patricia Hursh explains why you must work to become mobile-friendly immediately. Read the full text on:


Create a Powerful Landing Page

Conversion – the one word that should drive most marketing decisions, but often doesn’t – is what we all want from a land­ing page. Converting a prospect into a bonafide lead, or better yet, a sale demonstrators landing page effectiveness. Companies invest big money in the who, what, where and how of the busi­ness through a website.The landing page might be beautiful, but it also needs to drive the desired results.
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