Content Generation Ideas for Filling SEO Content Gaps

In a recent blog post titled “SEO Content Gap Analysis Explained”, I explained what a content gap analysis is and how to find content gaps in regards to SEO. Now that you have found your content gaps and have a list of keywords you are going to target it’s now time to get your hands dirty and generate content. How, you ask? Here are 4 content generation ideas to help you create the content you need to fill those content gaps.
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SEO Content Gap Analysis Explained

If you’re fairly new to SEO you may have heard colleagues throwing around the phrase “content gap analysis”. If hearing those words causes your heart rate to increase or your palms to sweat — then we have you covered. Consider this a Beginner’s Guide to SEO and Content. Here are 5 important things to know…
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Google Search Console Infrastructure Update? No Data Anomalies Posted.

Recently I logged into Google Search Console and I saw an Infrastructure Update at the top of the Site Error page. The message indicates that a Search Console update may cause “a change in data”. Read on to understand how many SEO experts are analyzing possible data anomalies… Read more


Successful SEO programs require content that supports the entire buy cycle

Columnist Joe Goers argues that many websites are focusing too much on the bottom of the funnel — to the detriment of their SEO success. Read the full text on:


Penguin Now Part of Google’s Core Algorithm

Since it first arrived in April 2012, PENGUIN has become a household name in the search marketing world — with periodic updates causing a stir in the SEO community.  On September 23, 2016 Google announced that Penguin is now part of their core algorithm with real time, live implications.  Let’s take a look at the key changes associated with this announcement… Read more


Structured Data: Why It Must Be a Part of Your SEO Strategy

Structured data is one of the newest pieces of the SEO puzzle, yet it seems there is some hesitation to incorporating it into an SEO strategy. Yes it’s code-based, and a lot of SEO’s don’t have access to the CMS or website code. And sometimes it can be a challenge to get web developers to implement. Even though these challenges arise, structured data is an essential SEO tactic. Here are several reasons SEOs must incorporate it into their SEO strategy… now. Read more


4 Free Keyword Tools to Improve Your SEO Results

One of the most important elements of SEO is keyword research. As a business, it’s important to know how people are searching for your products and services so you can provide information that meets potential customers’ needs.  Today, there are a slew of keyword research tools available.  Here are 4 free tools I recommend…

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