4 Reasons Why Your SEO Competitors are Outranking You in Organic Search

There are many reasons why your SEO competitors could be outranking you in organic search. Content, backlinks, page speed, and technical aspects (robots.txt, XML sitemaps etc.) are all things you should consider investigating to determine why your competitors are outperforming you. Let’s dive in. Read more


5 Ways to Improve SEO and Increase Organic Search Traffic

Google is constantly developing new algorithms to help improve their search results. In today’s world, people expect to find information quickly, and Google is taking all the necessary steps to meet this demand. Read more


How to add schema markup to your site using Google Tag Manager

Want to add structured data markup to your site, but don’t have the access or the coding skills? No need to worry! Columnist Bryan Stenslokken shows you how to do this with Google Tag Manager in nine easy steps. Read the full text on: