Get ready for Microsoft Audience Ads, launching late May! All advertisers are eligible and the benefits in terms of targeting, brand reach and lead gen are impressive. Learn more about ad formats, placement, targeting and more.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Bing Ads - Expand Search Campaigns

Get Ready for Microsoft Audience Ads

Remember back in December of 2016 when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn? We heard of big opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We speculated about this helping B2B marketers reach their audiences and improve revenue generation.

Since that acquisition, Microsoft has been at work integrating the LinkedIn Graph with Microsoft’s Audience Intelligence Graph. What does all this mean? Bing Ads is getting a powerful makeover to become the new Microsoft Audience Network. This combines Bing search-intent signals, Microsoft’s AI capabilities and the Microsoft audience graph, allowing marketers to leverage LinkedIn, Outlook and Skype to target users.

If you were not in the pilot, don’t worry because it’s coming May 24, 2018 to the U.S. network. After all the speculation, will it live up to the hype? We think so!

Here is why we are excited and cannot wait to get started on the Microsoft Audience Network!

  • As a B2B digital marketing agency, our goal is to drive quality leads for a clients from their target audience.  With Microsoft Audience Ads, we can extend our campaigns to reach audiences beyond search for high-quality clicks and conversions.
  • With user profile targeting, we can leverage the power of LinkedIn Professional profiles to target the audience profile associated with our clients’ top names accounts.
  • Our reach for brand awareness campaigns will grow to hundreds of millions outside the SERPs on MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge and other properties.
  • Terrific ROI! The Bing Ads Platform is using AI and machine learning algorithms to guide audience segmentation, engagement prediction and personalized offer selection.

Your Bing Ads are Automatically Eligible – Be Prepared for the launch

The Microsoft Audience Network supports three ad formats: image-based ads, text ads and feed-based ads. For convenience, you can extend existing Search campaigns with image ad extensions and audience ads bid adjustments.

With Audience campaigns you will have control to separate your budgets, ads, and bids from search campaigns.

  • Bing search ads in the Bing Network: For example, create a Search campaign, expanded text ads and image ad extensions.
  • Bing search ads in the Microsoft Audience Network: For example, create a Search campaign, expanded text ads and image ad extensions. In addition, set the audience ads bid adjustment to indicate whether you prefer audience ads for the campaign or ad group.
  • Microsoft Audience Ads (image-based) in the Microsoft Audience Network: For example, create an Audience campaign and responsive ads. Note that Microsoft Audience Ads refers to the ad placement, while “responsive ad” refers to the data type that is used via the Bing Ads API for specific scenarios.
  • Microsoft Audience Ads (feed-based) in the Microsoft Audience Network: For example, create an Audience campaign with the Bing Shopping setting.

Massive Reach, More Inventory

Massive reach you can trust with premium, brand-safe placements. Reach hundreds of millions of people on MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge and syndicated partner sites with more to come.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions delivered the ability to target domains and business audiences on their email network.  Now with the ability to reach Outlook, Office365 and Edge users, imagine the reach of sponsored ads to large enterprises.

Account Based Marketing with Search Ads – A B2B Marketers Dream!

When using Microsoft Audience Ads, choose from multiple dimensions to target your audience.  Leveraging the Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn Professional profile information creates a powerhouse for B2B marketers doing Account Based Marketing.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Bing Search Ads

Are you ready to get smarter in the way you target your ideal audience?  It’s quick and easy to get started. Contact us today to learn how.

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