An Interview with Patricia Hursh, VP Client Delivery

We deliver “maximum business value” to B2B clients via our proven digital marketing methodology and a commitment to exceptional service.

Q :: What exactly does SmartSearch Marketing do?

A :: We are a B2B digital marketing agency focused on generating qualified leads and accelerating sales for our clients. We provide full-funnel marketing solutions and data-driven optimization to demonstrate marketing ROI.

Q :: What is your role at the agency?

A :: As Vice President, Client Delivery I am responsible for client satisfaction and results. I ensure that every delivery team understands clients’goals and priorities and that we are exceeding clients’ expectations. We measure success based on client retention rates, client satisfaction scores, and our clients’ bottom line business results.

Q :: How is SmartSearch Marketing different from other agencies?

A :: There are 6 main attributes that set SmartSearch Marketing apart from other agencies:

  1. We are highly focused and specialized. We do one thing and one thing well: B2B digital marketing.
  2. Our full-funnel methodology ensures that we drive qualified leads and accelerate those leads into customers.
  3. We specialize in serving B2B firms and companies with a complex sales cycle. We understand long sales-cycles, multiple influencers and buyers, and highly-targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM).
  4. The skills, experience and expertise of our staff is unparalleled, with an average of over 9 years’ experience in the digital marketing field.
  5. We deliver maximum business value to our clients.

Q :: Say more about “maximum business value” delivered to clients

A :: In order to deliver maximum value, our agency needs to go beyond driving traffic to our clients’ websites or simply generating a large volume of unqualified top-of-funnel leads. Rather, we develop highly targeted, data-driven marketing plans that are aligned with each client’s target audience and high-priority accounts. Engagement, conversion, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and sales acceleration are all part of our successful methodology.