In 2014 we saw many changes to the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising industry with new features being launched in Google Ads and Bing Ads. 2015 will be no different. Advertisers will be launching more shopping campaigns, increasing their usage of remarketing ads, utilizing pay-to-play ads and developing campaigns specifically for mobile devices. Here are my 4 predictions for 2015 advertising trends…


1. More Product Ads

Shopping campaigns stand out on pages filled with text ads. They typically have better click-through-rates with images of items that a buyer is interested in. Product ads make it easier to connect with your customers and promote items online. You can organize your products, manage inventory and optimize hot selling items. I predict we’ll see further improvements made by search platforms in order to enhance ad placement, targeting and bidding at the keyword level.

2. An Increase in Remarketing

There is an increasing popularity in remarketing. Remarketing ads are highly effective in getting a buyer to take an action or make a purchase – simply because they are more relevant and targeted. Products viewed on one site will be seen on other sites for days. I have found that the use of images and graphics can assist with appealing to your customer and generating engagement/clicks. Also, you may notice that the item price displayed in the originally ad will be discounted in future remarketing ads. This is a great way to drive additional purchases. Finally, Facebook has the ability to target a consumer based on their Facebook profile which takes people-based marketing to a whole new level with the Atlas advertising platform. This may create a challenge for Google!

3. Additional Focus on Social

More and more marketers are relying on social media to reach their target audience. Many social media platforms initially offer free usage to companies who start advertising. Typically advertisers gain a large audience and receive free traffic to their site. Then the platform changes their algorithm and the free traffic comes to a stop. This is where the opportunity for “pay-to-play” ads comes in. Social media advertising rates are very cost-efficient (especially compared to other ad channels) and marketers are able to target their ads via consumer profiles.

4. Mobile Campaigns

According to eMarketer, the volume of mobile searches will surpass desktop searches in 2015. Marketers need to develop campaigns specifically designed for various types of users and devices. For example, marketers can utilize a searchers’ mobile location to better understand buyer needs and buying behavior. Brands will need to continue to find ways of building mobile insights into all of their marketing initiatives while engaging users across all devices.

Capitalize on Advancements in Automation

Advancements in automation combined with data collection across multiple platforms will help search engines personalize search results and increase relevance. Marketers have an opportunity to re-evaluate their current online advertising strategy and capitalize on these new opportunities to better connect with your target audience and stand out from the competition.

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