The Measure of Your Success

Search marketing is all about the numbers. Analytics is the measure of your search marketing results: your successes, failures, and strategy for future growth. SmartSearch Marketing is a leader in search marketing since 1999. With our professional website analytics services, you’ll get the superior results you need.

Better Results With SmartSearch

The first step to improving your search marketing results is measuring them accurately. Search metrics and website analytics reveal the big picture — your customers’ online behavior. And this data is key to better engaging your leads — and converting them to customers. Here’s how our website analytics services will help you:

Solid FoundationMost businesses have website analytics set up incorrectly – and make decisions off bad data. To date, we’ve found ways to correct settings in 100% of analytics accounts we’ve reviewed. We start by ensuring you have a sound foundation. From ensuring code is implemented properly, to filtering out irrelevant IP addresses, we’ll give you accurate data.

Discovery, Not Just Reporting – Many people can run an analytics report, revealing whether your site traffic is up or down. But the real value is in the next step – discovery. Why has your traffic changed? At SmartSearch Marketing, we dig deeply and find the story behind your traffic. This enables you to correct problems, capitalize on successes, and further your growth.

About Your Customers – You’ve likely seen website analytics traffic reports. But have you seen quality reporting? The truth is, most people haven’t seen best practices analytics, and the wealth of marketing strategies it reveals. We dig more deeply, into dozens of facets of your visitor behavior, the intricacies of which site pages work and which don’t, and discover how to best improve your results.

Customer Insights

Most companies have plenty of data. But what they lack is a team of experienced analytics analysts – using state-of-the-art technology – to translate data into valuable business intelligence, customer insights and competitive advantage.

Our website analytics services provide you with valuable intelligence, from your prospect’s first search all the way through to customer acquisition and sale. Across the entire customer lifecycle, you’ll profit from valuable insights tracking all visitor behavior, whether online or off, immediate or delayed conversions.

Continuous Improvement – Company-wide, we’re firm adherents to the discipline of continuous improvement. Analytics can provide hundreds or thousands of bits of valuable data about your search marketing. So for example, after using analytics to drive more traffic to your site, we then turn to conversion by improving your site’s usability, stickiness and more.web-analytics

Your Website Analytics Dashboard

At SmartSearch Marketing, you’ll profit from our certified 100% certified Google Analytics Consultants. They’ll combine the following types of results metrics to create a comprehensive, highly-effective, marketing dashboard and improvement plan for you:


Google Analytics Consultant: Expertise and Experience

100% of our SmartSearch Analytics Specialists are certified Google Analytics Experts. And with SmartSearch, you’ll receive maximum benefit as you receive integrated intelligence from a broad spectrum of professional tools. We employ on your behalf a variety of website analytics platforms, ranging from Google Analytics to Omniture to WebTrends.

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