SmartSearch Marketing (SSM) is a full-service search marketing agency focused on B2B clients and companies with complex sales. SSM takes end-to-end responsibility for results by offering both the pre-click aspect of search marketing (SEO and PPC) and improving post-click results via landing page testing and conversion improvement services. SmartSearch Marketing partners with ion interactive using the LiveBall™ marketing optimization platform to deliver conversion improvements to clients.

SSM utilizes LiveBall to develop, test, and optimize lead generation PPC microsites for their client, QAD Inc. QAD provides enterprise-level software and services for global manufacturers. One of QAD’s microsites is focused on a specific solution, Lean Manufacturing, which is a key operational function for many manufacturers today. SSM drives traffic to the QAD Lead Manufacturing microsite via highly-targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and MSN adCenter (the Bing / Yahoo ad platform).


Searcher behavior and keyword research indicates that thousands of searches per month are being conducted related to the topic of lean manufacturing – and these keywords are the cornerstone of QAD’s lead manufacturing PPC campaign.

The initial challenge was… even though many searches were being conducted, and prospects were being driven to QAD’s microsite, these visitors were not taking action on the site, nor converting into leads.

SSM needed to increase engagement (segmentation) on the microsites to increase conversion rates.


By utilizing one of LiveBall’s great features, Dynamic Content Substitution, SSM was able to better align ad messaging to increase PPC conversion rates.

SSM matched the prospects’ search query with the message and keywords in the PPC ad – which enticed searchers to click on the ad. Then, when prospects clicked-through to the microsite, thanks to LiveBall’s Dynamic Content Substitution feature, they saw that same keyword, or phrase, in the headline of the landing page.

Message Match: Search Engine - PPC Ad - Landing Page


By aligning messages all the way from search query, to ad copy, to landing page content, SSM helped increase QAD’s conversion rates. After the first month of implementing Dynamic Content Substitution / Message Match, more than 60% of the visitors from the Lean Manufacturing keywords had engaged with some element of the microsite (compared to 0 – 24% segmentation rates prior to testing). Conversion rates also increased dramatically. Before testing, conversion rates were at 0% for all 3 keywords in this test. After testing, conversion rates increased within the first month to 16.67%, 5.54%, and 12.50%.

Message Match Results: SmartSearch Marketing

LiveBall™ Dynamic Content Substitution proves to be a cost-effective method to align searcher intent with advertiser information, which leads to improved conversion and ROI.

The LiveBall platform allows us to engage in rapid, iterative testing of landing pages and microsites. Specifically, Dynamic Content Substitution enables us to align search queries and PPC ad copy with landing pages. We’ve found that consistency of message plays a key role in improving conversion rate. Dynamic Content is one of many LiveBall tools that allow us to quickly and cost-effectively maximize our clients ROI.”   – Patricia Hursh, SmartSearch Marketing President and Founder

In the first month of testing, QAD’s conversion rate increased 16% and 12% for individual keywords included in our PPC program. The combination of our team at SmartSearch Marketing and their use of the LiveBall platform allows QAD to align specific messages to our target audience and consistently gain more quality leads every month.”  – Kerry Allen, QAD Sr. Director, Marketing

Next Steps:

Due to the successful results of this initial test, SSM continues to implement Dynamic Content Substitution on multiple aspects of QAD’s landing pages.

We believe this will further increase engagement and conversions because not only will the headline match the original search query, but other content pieces, like bulleted sections and paragraphs may also be substituted dynamically, based on the keywords searchers are actually typing into search engines.


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