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Client Case Study: Content Creation Improves SEO Results


A nationally recognized Internet Service Provider (ISP), partners with SmartSearch Marketing to manage a comprehensive search marketing program, including creating and optimizing content for search engine visibility.

The company’s corporate website was a small 5-page site, focused primarily on lead generation. The main goal of the site was to acquire customers and generate sales through the “Contact Us” form and the online ordering process.


The client wanted to improve their online brand awareness and competitive marketing position within organic search results. They wanted to improve organic search visibility, traffic and conversions.

Having only 5 pages of content was not enough to properly support SEO efforts. The client was concerned that adding additional website content would “dilute” the lead gen aspect of the site by distracting prospects and adding too much (non-order-related) information.


The SmartSearch Marketing Team created a successful SEO strategy including:

  • Highly-focused keyword mapping
  • Optimized content creation for SEO

SmartSearch SEO experts created verbiage targeting specific keywords aligned with searcher needs and questions. Content was placed in sections of the website related to customer support and customer questions (i.e. FAQ pages). This ensured that the additional content was, useful, optimized, and – most importantly – did not interfere with the online ordering process.


SEO Telecommunications Visibility
After content was created, optimized, and implemented, the website experienced a dramatic improvement in organic search visibility. The number of listings increased and the position of these organic search listings improved in Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing.)

SEO Telecommunications Traffic
With a surge in organic search visibility, the site also achieved an increase in visitors from organic search engine results.

SEO Telecommunications Sales
As the number of qualified visitors to the site improved, the number of completed website orders (sales) increased accordingly.

Can we improve your results?

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